School Fundraising

  • Tailored or standard fundraising packages
  • Easy to administer and time efficient
  • Delivering great profits to fulfill big dreams

Running a school is an expensive operation. Supporting arts and sporting events, building new halls, upgrading technology and investing in new equipment can make juggling the budget a difficult task.

Fundraising is a tried and tested method for schools to meet the needs of their students. We have worked with schools since 1992 and have developed a range of packages that are easy to administer while raising the funds your school needs for the next upgrade, event or big project.

Example fundraising package: Clear Food Wrap, Baking Paper and Tin Foil

This fundraising package has been highly successful for many schools, delivering outstanding profit. Complete with order forms and an easy process, product is delivered to school and students are invited to ask mum, dad, family, friends and neighbours to buy these household items (food wrap, tinfoil and baking paper) from the school rather than the supermarket. It is a great product at a great price, ensuring a successful fundraising effort for schools.

We offer schools a range of consumer goods and food items which can be packaged for fundraising, including ice cream, juices, ice blocks, biscuits & many more items regularly bought by parents. All packages are complete with a clear process, ordering forms and other documentation, ensuring your fundraising is easy and effective.

Tailored fundraising packages

Schools have diverse needs and a range of events throughout the year which can be utilised for fundraising.            To meet these needs, we regularly develop tailored fundraising packages – sausage sizzles, Pie day Fridays, pizza drives, stall catering for fairs and many more.

We work with you to determine the best way to raise funds, supported by a seamless process.

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