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April 2016


It was created by a person who had a high profile so it was believed unconditionally. It is completely unfounded and completely untrue. Goodtime are myth busters.

The Myth:

“Every pie has a golf ball of fat in it”

A golf ball of fat weighs 40 grams. There has never been a pie with that much fat in it. It would be totally inedible. Unless of course it was a traditional pork pie, but that’s different….isn’t it?

Goodtime gets around a lot of schools, we have over 500 who buy many of our school approved products as well as our standard range. It never fails to sadden us to see pies being replaced with products that have significantly more fat in them and also very high in sugar.

Goodtimes average pie has around 12% fat. Goodtimes’ Sunnydays, cheaper range, pie has only 10% and our Metro Heart Tick range has an average 7.5%.

A wholemeal ham and cheese toasted sandwich 21% and a Bacon and Cheese croissant comes in at a 22% and a Toasted Cheese sandwich at a whopping 26%. We see these products in schools everywhere.

How did we get the fat down in our pies?

In 1999 Goodtime recognised the need for a healthier choice of pie due to a growing concern about child obesity. We spent 37 months trialing and experimenting with fat replacers and sale reducers at a cost of over $100,000. We came up with a solution to everyone’s surprise, we even got ourselves on national TV in the 6 o’clock news. Many people believed it was not possible so they accused us of “buying” the National Heart Foundation Heart Tick. They said things like; “that’s impossible pies are loaded with fat”. “No one can buy the tick” we replied.

The true story is that the humble pie has NEVER had a golf ball of fat in it.

Goodtime had set about busting the myth so we did what no other company in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world had done. We got the “tick” for a full range of NZ’s most popular pies, including Mince & Cheese a flavour combination that Goodtime was first to market with in 1984.

The pies are tested at random and regularly by third parties to see we remain on track. The result is the Metro Range which is low in Saturated and Trans Fats and sodium and high in fibre. Metros come in two sizes.

180g in Mince, Mince and Cheese, Steak and Cheese, Chicken and Potato Top, and
100g for the smaller appetites in Mince, and Mince & Cheese

Goodtime has a wide range of school approved products. Talk to Deejays for more information

Check out the food comparison chart below. It makes interesting reading.


March 2016

New Product available nowjuicies tubes

Juicies Tubes are a premium product especially developed for convenience customers. Made with the same delicious recipe as our Original Juicies, Juicies Tubes are extra special because they are whipped up and have a softer sorbet like texture.

Juicies Tubes are packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube with an easy peel off lid and taste as great as they look.

Available in four fruit flavours: Tropical, Wildberry, Lemonade & Orange.

Juicies are made with freshly squeezed apple juice, have NO added sugar, NO artificial ingredients or added colours.