Canteen Catering

  • A large range of canteen catering options available
  • Quality, nutritious and appetising menus tailored to your school
  • Dedicated team with a strong relationship focus

Since 1992, Deejays has been working with schools to provide excellent value and quality canteen options. Today, Deejays is the preferred vendor for over 200 Auckland schools and in many cases provides over 99 per cent of the food and beverages offered to students.

Deejays is committed to building great relationships – getting to know the school, the teachers and the needs of the students – and has a strong team making regular visits to ensure we respond quickly to your needs.

The Deejays Difference

Deejays has worked with the Heart Foundation, Dieticians Association and the Food & Beverages Classification System (FBCS) to develop menus that are enjoyed by students as well as offering healthy and nutritious options.

Deejays works with an extensive range of major food and beverage brands in New Zealand, ensuring schools benefit from sharp pricing and the latest in menu options.

Deejays offers a large range of canteen options – from sandwiches to sushi, pies to popcorn, muffins to muesli bars. We develop menus to suit, that are easy to manage and meet the needs of students.

Deejays were the only SFD (School Food Distributor) to work with the FBCS ( Food Beverage Classifications Systems) to register products which meet health and
nutrition standards. Deejays continues to adhere to these quality standards.

Deejays can support schools as either a trusted food distributor to school-run canteens or as a fully outsourced operator, managing ordering, menus, budgets, staffing and more.

For all of your school canteen requirements, call Deejays today. 09 274 5030

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