About Deejay’s

From the humble beginnings of a home garage, husband and wife duo Denise and John Cole have carved out a niche for themselves supplying products to schools in the greater Auckland area. The pair started their food distribution company Deejays 19 years ago, distributing one product ‘Aztec corn chips’ from their garage to the route trade and building a distribution outlet to schools.

Denise has a background in sales while John used to be a concrete truck driver. Denise says “John had a truck and I had sales and administration skills – we basically just went from there. I would go out and get the new business in the school sector while John would deliver the chips to the route trade. It really was a matter of ‘learning as you go’ for both us. Over the years we have built up strong relationships with key suppliers and started buying and stocking other products besides corn chips.

Almost two decades on, Deejays head office and warehouse have moved several times, and are now located in an extensive building in East Tamaki, Auckland and boasts an ever expanding distribution list. It’s a tightly run operation, delivering to schools, fast and efficiently. As part of the service offered, we also assist canteen staff by providing advice and menu options to encourage healthy and nutritious eating.

A passion for the education sector and commitment to working with what individual schools need is at the heart of the Deejays business. Denise and her team don’t sit behind the desk and take orders, they get out and meet with schools to better understand how Deejays can play a role in providing the right mix of options.

For Denise, ‘thinking outside the square’ is a passion in all aspects of her business dealings.